Buying a reversing camera kit – what to look for


Buying a reversing camera kit is one thing but buying one that actually functions is crucial.  Without knowing what items are supposed to be on the reversing camera kit you end up buying fake or missing parts. 

When you are purchasing your reversing camera kit, look out for the following important features:

·       Angle – Always shop for a wider viewing angle.  Wider angles mean lower picture quality but show clear obstructions.  Do not go for narrow viewing angle, no matter how high the picture quality is.   

·       Camera – Most rear view cameras are round and are attached in different places.  Some sit on the back window or the clip in the rear view mirror while others are mounted on to the bumper bar or the license plate.  The camera you choose should give you flexibility to get the best angle.  Remember whatever camera you choose, you should always keep its lens clean for clear visibility.

·       Monitor – The larger the monito the easier it is to see any obstructions any time of the day.  Remember, this monitor is mounted on the dashboard cluttering among other things so it may not be easy to choose a larger screen.  You could opt to install it on the windscreen with a suction cup or the dashboard with suction cup or sticky mount. 

·       Wired/Wireless – Both wired and wireless kits require a hard wire to install to the reversing lights.  Ensure that you get the latest quality cable that lasts longer and is water resistant.  For wireless cameras ensure the hard wire is quality and from recognized manufacturers.

·       Reverse start – Your reverse cameras should automatically turn on when you select the reverse gear in your vehicle.  Avoid all the ones that do not start automatically as that will require you to manually switch on and off every time you want to view the rear end.  The probability to forget is very high leading to unexpected crash.