PPA Vehicle Tracking System

Whether your business or company has one vehicle or hundreds of vehicles, our Vehicle Tracking System platform will help you reduce fuel costs, wasted time, excessive overtime, excessive idling, side trips and more. Saving your staff time and your company money.


Here’s some of the things our Vehicle Tracking System platform can help you with


Offers You Real Time Tracking

One map allows you to monitor all your vehicles either big or small with real time information.  The tracking system can be trusted to keep you updated every 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

gps tracker for car


A Great Aid In Stolen Vehicles

The vehicle tracking system quickly locates stolen vehicles enabling fast recovery by allowing the police to catch up with the perpetrators fast.



Helps You Monitor Your Teenagers 

Australian teenagers are not exempt from driving at very high speed and on areas they did not disclose to their parents. With the vehicle tracking system, you are notified where your vehicle is travelling, at what speed and what time.

gps vehicle tracker

Comes In A Great Compact Design

The vehicle tracking system comes with no external antenna, meaning, the device will not be obvious to the driver.Instead it is mounted in a disguised location place like under the vehicle dash where it cannot be easily identified. Information is relayed to you through your computer or your smart phone even while on the go.

GPS Tracking device


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