Buying a reversing camera kit – what to look for

Buying a reversing camera kit – what to look for

Buying a reversing camera kit is one thing but buying one that actually functions is crucial.  Without knowing what items are supposed to be on the reversing camera kit you end up buying fake or missing parts....


Reversing Safe at the construction site

Construction sites are known to generally pose a lot of risks to all the workers in the site.  It is for this reason that the law requires vital measures to be put in place to ensure safety is paramount.  Sometimes even with all these measures in place, there has been more danger from the heavy machinery moving to and fro.

The construction sites attract many types of vehicles from those big Lorries that bring the construction materials to the heavy machinery that lifts the heavy equipment.  Without proper planning of the construction site, there could be adverse damage from all these vehicles coming in and out.   

Many workers have been knocked down or ran over by these vehicles as they reversed.  These are accidents that though they are reducing must be put to a complete end.  Companies have lost enough people to make them stop and reflect on what they are doing wrong.

Though they are accidents, sure enough there is a way to reduce these accidents to a zero point with proper planning and careful implementation.

How to stop the accidents from a reversing heavy vehicle

  • Keep the construction site clean and well arranged – There is so much going on in this site that you cannot afford to leave it unarranged.  Sites carry lots of materials and tools that can be hazardous to the existence of the workers.  They should be well arranged to allow space and knowledge of where required items should be found.

·       Reversing safe – This only guaranteed safety of reversing is installing rear view cameras on your heavy machinery to ensure you can see al the blind spots, things or people on your way.  Ensure that vehicles coming into your site have these safety gadgets that will be a saver for your workers.  With the driver’s site enabled, he can easily see who and what is on his way and avoid ramming into them.

Ineffective Laws for Reversing

Most drivers if not all know that they must commit to the road use laws.  It is not an easy task to keep up with these laws and most drivers find themselves making a lot of mistakes. 

Reversing, on the other hand, has a rule that has been used by almost every driver on this planet.  The GET OUT AND LOOK rule has been one of the major rules that govern the reversing in most countries.  However, a new realization of how this rule has caused many accidents dawned on many drivers.

Why it's ineffective

The GET OUT AND LOOK rule lacks information of whatever else happens after you have already looked.  Anyone or anything that comes up behind your car after you have followed this ritual rule faces the wrath of a reversing vehicle. 

Drivers should then not be held accountable in the case of any accident or incident after they have followed the rule.  You are wrong if you are thinking that, you will be fined and sentenced in the court.  The GET OUT AND LOOK rule lacks support in the fact that anyone or anything can crawl up behind you right after you check your rear and the end result we all know is a bad accident. 

What’s the way forward?

The way forward is not to sit in an emergency room waiting to hear if your loved one is going to make it; it is investing in rear view cameras that clearly reflects what is on your behind without having you leave the driver’s seat. 

The rear view cameras come with a monitor that is placed on the dashboard to clearly tell what is behind you.  The driver can see anyone or anything including all the blind spots before ramming or driving into them. 

Reversing then becomes genuinely interesting and doable with the reverse cameras installed.  We at Reverse Safe are here for you to advice, sell and install reverse cameras so you can enjoy your drive every day on the road!

Backward? Forward? Which is better?

Every day of our life, we are faced with the reality that backwards is a bad sign!  Your lie ought to be moving forward not backward.  But is that the truth?  In reality, people and things have to move backwards to move forward. 

In the world of motor vehicles it would not be fun to just move forward all the time.  We move backwards to avoid a crash or a dangerous experience.  This confirms the reality that we ought to move backwards as well as move forward. 

Backward driving like a pro!

Driving forward is a natural thing for every driver unlike the backward move that most drivers are not comfortable with.  Reversing is a backward move that most drivers dread.  Not just the newbies but even those who have been driving for a long period. 

Reverse driving does not automatically come, it requires practice and a good plan to do it like a pro.  Reversing have proved to be very messy for most drivers who end up frustrated by their lack of skills.  But do you know the secret of straight backward driving?

The secret is now out there for every wise driver to invest in – Rear View Cameras are the BIG secret.  If you do not have them you are simply missing out on the fun of driving backwards smoothly.  Reverse cameras is the way to go for a smooth clear backward drive. 

Reverse Safe are your best partners when it comes to rear view cameras.  We give you adequate quality services in advising, selecting and installing reverse cameras fit for your type of vehicle. We also work with owners who have a large fleet of vehicles and visit them to offer our services from their comfort zones. 

Now you know how best you can get to be the best reverse driver.  Install those rear view cameras and drive off backwards as fast as forward!

Reverse Parallel Parking

Reverse parallel parking is not an easy technique to learn.  It is one of the major requirements of drivers all over the world to have learnt this skill before they obtain their driver’s license.  Even with many getting it right for their driving exams, most do not ever use the skill again because it is difficult. 

They would rather find another parking slot rather than attempt to reverse Parallel Park.  With good practice and a car in good condition, it is not hard to use this skill.  

Step by step on how to reverse Parallel Park

  • Stop at about a meter away from the parked vehicle on its front side.  Select reverse gear, cancel all the indicators.  Remember to signal your intention with your reversing lights.
  • Start reversing slowly but sure until the rear window is in line with the rear parked vehicle.  While moving slowly, turn hard until your vehicle reaches 45 degrees and the start to straighten out the steering wheel as required.  Remember to always give way to all the traffic approaching from behind you.
  • Be aware that as you turn your car, the front corner will trace a wider path into the flow of traffic.
  • Do not park closer than a meter from other vehicles or you will be boxed in.  Ensure that your park brakes and gears are all correctly used while parking. 
  • Ensure that you look around your vehicle before you disembark from the parking lot so that you don’t run over anyone or anything back there. 
  • To save the situation, simply install reverse cameras in your vehicle to allow you see the rear view clearly and avoid any blind spots or crashes. 

·       It will be very easy to Reverse Parallel Park with your reverse cameras because you won’t need to do head checks or use your rear view mirrors which do not give actual details.

Safe Reversing Procedure

Reversing is not done quite often by most people because they do not know how to do it properly.  It will surprise you to learn that the most common cause of damage to man vehicles especially in company fleets is from reversing.

Luckily, a reversing crash is usually at a low speed with relatively low costs to cater for.  These types of crashes can be avoided by considering vital details before reversing and investing in rear view cameras. 

Vital details to consider when reversing

  • Always ask yourself if it is necessary and safe to reverse. 
  • Avoid reversing over a long distance, simply turn around and drive the right way.
  • When reversing, you have no right of way, you have to give way to the oncoming cars until you have a clear road.
  • Reverse slowly to avoid crushing on a blind spot.  Rear view cameras will come in handy at this point because instead of using head checks and mirrors that give inaccurate results, simply use your review camera to view the rear side.
  • With the rear view cameras you will not need anyone to direct you or to do any head checks for you, you will simply view the back side at the screen mounted on your dashboard for a clear view.
  • Do not reverse in parks because small children or pedestrians are likely to be walking or strolling absent mindedly around the park.  The risk of running on them is high and should be diminished by using the reverse cameras as well as eliminating reversing at the park. 
  • Do not reverse on the highway because this might cause a bad accident from oncoming vehicles that may be travelling at very high speeds.

·       Always reverse when it is needful, if there is a way to avoid it, evade it by all means.

Choosing a favorable parking slot

Parking our vehicles is almost an obvious thing until we realize it is not common sense to everyone.  When choosing a parking slot for your vehicle, we ought to realize that our wisdom is needed to accomplish our mission. 

Considerations to make when choosing a parking slot

  • You need to know if the parking slot is safe and legal before you park in it.  Check out for signs that inform you whether the parking is open to the public or not such as loading zone, no stopping zones, no parking zones, clearway zones etc.
  • Be cautious of forbidden parking places that causes you to block the safe flow of traffic.
  • Do not park on the emergency lane of the freeway unless you are driving an ambulance.
  • Keep the minimum parking distance that is required or else your car risk being towed away or you receive a heavy fine. 
  • Once you are sure you have a parking slot, park like a pro to avoid crashing on other cars or parking outside the required space.  This is where many struggle to view both sides and ensure they are well parked.  Reverse cameras come in handy for this activity allowing you to park without using your mirrors as they can lie too much to your human eyes.
  • Once you are parked, remember to lock your car as you leave the parking to keep your car safe from theft.  Check all your doors to ensure the lock I working fine and then proceed to your places of interest. 
  • When disembarking, you will need to be careful not to crash other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists by using your rear view cameras that allow you to view your rear view from the comfort of your dashboard.

·       Slowly leave the parking at a low speed to ensure you are safe and everyone around you.

Safety Considerations on the road

While travelling, it doesn’t matter what means of transport you use, your emphasis is always on how safe you are.  Nobody every board a plane, a ship, a boat or a train knowing very well it has mechanical problems.  Funny enough, we try that with vehicles on the roads.

Parking at the Shopping Centre car park

We all love going out with our loved ones to the shopping centres or the malls for the afternoon ice cream or pizza.  We can hardly resist the temptation to visit the mall every other day.  Driving is fun and comfortable, that’s why we all work extra hard to afford the car we want.

Parking on a Sloppy area

Not every ground you will park your car is flat and stable.  When parking on a hill, you have to be careful with your car to ensure it is well balanced and can be properly supported.  The park brake or handbrake is put to the task of supporting the weight of the car the entire time it is parked.

Critical steps you need to learn about parking on a hillNot every ground you will park your car is flat and stable.  When parking on a hill, you have to be careful with your car to ensure it is well balanced and can be properly supported.  The park brake or handbrake is put to the task of supporting the weight of the car the entire time it is parked.

Critical steps you need to learn about parking on a hill