Kenwood DNX5180S

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  • KENWOOD-DNX5180S-features
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AV Navigation System with 6.8inch WVGA Clear-coated Resistive Display Androidauto | Apple CarPlay | Bluetooth | Dual USB | Spotify | CD/DVD | Garmin Navigation | Dual Camera Inputs read more




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DNX5180S Features:

  • Garmin navigation system
  • Dash-camera Linkage
  • Dual Camera Inputs and Parking Guide Lines
  • Direct OEM Steering Remote Control
  • High-Resolution Audio for Audiophile Grade Sound
  • Apple CarPlay via USB
  • Android Auto™ via USB
  • Waze Nav-App Solution via USB
  • Spotify – Full Control
  • Advanced Bluetooth ver.3.0
  • 2-Phone Hands Free Calling Ready
  • Powerful Dual USB


Guidance by Garmin
Equipped with the industry-leading Garmin navigation system,
offering a variety of display options such as Photo Real Junction
View and Lane Assist to make your driving easy.

*These functions may not be available in certain markets/countries.

Guidance by Garmin

Dash-camera Linkage
Dash Cam ready receivers are compatible with the DRV-N520 Dash Camera.
The camera records in full HD video capturing every event that occurs on the road ahead,
and also provides safety features such as collision avoidance.

Dash-camera Linkage

Dual Camera Inputs and
Parking Guide Lines
Two Camera inputs for Front and Rear cameras.
Parking guidelines appear on any standard backup camera image,
making parking safer and easier.


Direct OEM Steering Remote Control

direct oem
The receivers can be installed in most Japanese and Korean vehicles easily.

High-Resolution Audio
for Audiophile-Grade Sound
Playable “High-Resolution Audio” music files.
192kHz / 32bit Over Sampling DSP.

Hi resolution audio

High-Resolution Audio is high-quality sound that exceeds CD standard.
With increased expressive power,
the delicate details from the ultra-high to low frequencies can be reproduced.
You will experience the deep impression as if you were in a concert hall.

* The product with this logo is conformed to High-Resolution Audio standard defined by Japan Audio Society.
This logo is used under license from Japan Audio Society.

High-Resolution Audio

Apple CarPlay via USB
CarPlay gives iPhone users an incredibly intuitive way to make calls,
use Maps, listen to music and access messages with just a word or a touch.

*Some features, applications, and services are not available in all areas.
For details, see:

Apple CarPlay via USB

Android Auto™ via USB
Android Auto is a simpler way to use your phone in the car.
Connect your phone to the receiver and use Google Maps, Waze, etc.

*Some features, applications, and services are not available in all areas.
For details, see:

Android Auto™ via USB

Waze Nav-App Solution via USB

kenwood waze app
Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app.
You can fully utilize its functionality on a larger display.

Waze Nav-App Solution via USB

Spotify – Full Control
Ability to control Spotify from your iPhone via USB/Bluetooth
or from your Android via Bluetooth to enjoy millions of songs you like.


Advanced Bluetooth ver.3.0

Bluetooth® v3.0
By connecting your smartphone and receiver wirelessly,
your driving time will be more fun and convenient.

2-Phone Hands-Free Calling Ready
KENWOOD Bluetooth models automatically switch the paired
2 phones for incoming calls. Also, include better quality reception using
the Wideband Speech Hands-free Profile 1.6.

Powerful Dual USB

Powerful USB

You can playback from USB devices audio and video files compressed in various formats.
In addition, you can rapidly charge your smartphones up to a maximum of 1.5A.


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